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Welcome to KaleidosGlobe relocation services – training & consulting,   experts for national and international personnel relocation and destination services, based in Northern Germany.

Global network with profound regional expertise

For over 15 years, we have been consulting and supporting employees of international companies at all levels in relocation matters, both in Germany and abroad.

Tailored Solutions


Rely on a maximum of professional commitment and engagement coupled with a keen sense of

the individual’s needs.

Premium Destination Services in Northern Germany

Regardless of whether a member of your staff is relocating abroad or to the north of Germany, whether your company requires intercultural training for your multinational team or your personnel department requires interim on-site support, our team of experienced, multilingual relocation consultants is here to help you.  Our strength lies in the combination of interdisciplinary skills and a unique quality of service.

For more than 15 years your "Experts for Expats"


Strong partner for your mobility

We see ourselves as a partner and constant during the entire relocation process. You can rely on a transparent price performance ratio. At KaleisdosGlobe, value for money means: demand-oriented, individual solutions, utmost discretion and working with always fully charged batteries.

  • Highly recognised support for global companies
  • Long-term customer relationships
  • Local services with global expertise
  • Central office with constant team
  • Close meshed personal support
  • Maximum flexibility and transparency
  • Relocation from A-Z PLUS special services
  • Strong network at national and international level
  • You and your employees are our priority.
  • In us you have responsible and proactive collaborators providing at minimum one solution.
  • You strengthen your employer´s brand for international managers through an individual and competent support.



Katalin Geis:

“The relocation business represents the colourful kaleidoscope of people, always in motion. KaleidosGlobe means Experts for Expats supporting you in all matters related to a move for professional reasons. Our clients should feel at home for the duration of their stay in Germany.”



German Relocators

As we work closely with other international network partners in the relocation business, your company’s synergy is guaranteed. We are members of German Relocators – German destination providers operating all over Germany.


Globale Relocation Provider

Our cooperation with the international relocation providers listed below is further proof of our professionalism in the relocation business:



BDAE Gruppe

BDAE is our competent and reliable partner when we need to address insurance related issues for employees going abroad or the global social coverage.


Real Estate Industry

Through our membership in IVD and with the Immofrauen, we have a wide spread and effective network in the real estate industry.



SIETAR – Society for intercultural Education, Training und Research

Through SIETAR, the international Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research, we are part of the largest interdisciplinary network for intercultural connections and processes.



Intercultural Trainings

Our provision of intercultural training and consultancy is optimized by our long-standing cooperation with:


European Women in Management and Development

We are committed to supporting women in management both at home and abroad by being members of European Women in Management and Development.




The business club of the manager magazine.


Removal Companies

Our local contact with the removal companies and specialists listed below guarantees a smooth move.





Techniker Krankenkasse


For health insurances we cooperate with Techniker Krankenkasse.



Delia Aris

“To custom tailor the most beautiful city in the world to new Hamburgians is a real joy. As a long term relocation consultant, mother of two kids at the international school, dog owner and horse rider, I know first hand that an individual support and multi tasking abilities make clients happy.”

Katja Sievers

“I have travelled far and extensively … but at home in Lübeck I turn our clients from everywhere in the world to enthusiastic fans of the Baltic Sea – lifestyle is not only found in international metropolises but also where there is sun, beach, wind and sea.”

Claudia Eitelhuber

“Relocation in numbers: KaleidosGlobe calculates for the client efficiently and transparently, and always close-hauled.”

Astrid Hake

“The old Greeks already knew that change is the only constant in the universe. That also applies to relocation processes: the more spontaneous and unplanned, the more you need structure and organization for our client’s needs.”


Patricia van der Werf

“Whether dealing with global deployments or practical support for daily life at the new destination: KaleidosGlobe does not leave any gaps when you arrive in Hamburg as an Expat. As a specialist for intercultural communication I know how important professional support at the new destination and home is.’”

Gowri Schuler

“As cultural mediator between India, China and Europe I know about the challenges and hurdles the relocatees are faced with when moving to Germany and appreciate the support and advantages this support by KaleidosGlobe brings – they help with words and deeds, if necessary also at weekends or late hours.”

Claudia Liebetanz

“When I lived in Indonesia, Tansania and Sambia I wish I had had the support of professionals. I am happy that KaleidosGlobe is available to help expats from African and Asian countries get accustomed with the life in northern Germany.”

Susanne Zilles

“As an expat family, we have lived for 17 years in Africa, Asia and Europe: 7 deployments and 7 times packing and unpacking. Moving with or without a relocation service has serious implications on the family structures. Beyond professionalism, KaleidosGlobe has a lot of intuition, tact and empathy and truly deserves the *Make the family happy* seal.”